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Managing Contracts
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‘Clairvoyant Correspondence’

‘Clairvoyant correspondence’ What does that mean you might ask.  As an attempt at a definition in the present context: ‘having regard to what the future holds for letters or emails which you create’. The context is that of a contractual relationship. In every...

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Costly disagreements: Part 4

Communication breakdown Communication breakdown can happen in any relationship but in a contractual relationship there are steps which can be taken to minimize the risk and the resultant fall-out. Communication breakdown often occurs when there is lack of continuity....

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Costly disagreements: Part 3

Delays  Delays in delivery of goods or performance of services can happen for a variety of reasons  and are a common focus of disputes, additional costs and delays to payment. The causes of delays can be grouped into those caused by:-  the customer  you  events...

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Costly disagreements: Part 2

Deficiencies in customer’s specification of requirements Very often the customer will not get it right first time with their specification of requirements. Sometimes of course the nature of the requirement will dictate that a phased contract is required, with the...

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Costly disagreements: Part 1

Possibly the most common problem after contract award is the business not being paid. Sometimes this can be due to deliberate delay on the part of the customer, either as a result of policy or perhaps because they have cash flow problems. Occasionally the customer may...

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