Threats to the relationship

Having put together an effective team to bid for a tender, discussed all the issues and all signed up to a comprehensive Teaming Agreement, it is nonetheless wise to have an awareness of what to watch out for in the way of threats to the relationship. Threat scenarios could include:-

  • Self interest: a team member starts promoting their own company instead of the group
  • Imbalance of effort: some members not pulling their weight; one party doing all the running
  • One or more members have over-estimated their capacity and can’t perform/deliver
  • There is a lack of openness & trust
  • A clash of cultures – for example between a high quality culture and one focussing on cheap prices
  • Scepticism
  • Personality conflict
  • Inexperience  of project management, particularly on the part of leader
  • Egos – resistance to taking instructions from other organisations/individuals
  • Resource shortages
  • Leadership deficit
  • Team ethos not established (not working as a team)
  • Poor planning
  • Poor communications within the team
  • Inadequate/confused brief from Customer
  • Frustration
  • Team members get a better offer…… 

Then if you survive that, on contract award other pressures may develop from the success whereby the team leader or team members may seek to exploit their position of strength, for example:-

  • The team leader and/or other team members may consider a team member’s prices to be too high and either put pressure on to reduce them, or want to bring in a replacement
  •  Concessions may be sought by the team leader in other aspects to limit their exposure to the customer
  • Unacceptable terms may be imposed which are designed to cause particular team members to exit in order that the work may be done by others

However do not despair – the next article will look at ‘strategies for success’!

Nothing in this awareness article is intended as legal advice. If you have a specific legal requirement or query you should consult a solicitor directly.